We all know that switching to LED can have a significant impact on your wallet and on the environment; but unless you see the numbers side by side it’s hard to understand just how significant this impact is.

We’ve prepared the table below to help illustrate the difference:

Energy Efficiency & Costs

Incandescent LED Compact Fluorescent
 Average Life Span 1,200 hours 50,000 hours  8,000 hours
 Watts Used 1 60 watts 6-8 watts  13-15
 Annual Kilo-Watts Used 2 3285 329  767
 Annual Operating Costs 2 $328.59 $32.85  $76.65
1 Based on a 60 watt incandescent bulb equivalent.
2 Based on the use of 30 incandescent bulbs per year operating 5 hours a day.