There are thousands of LED products on the market and making a wise choice might become a daunting task; understanding how LED works will help in selecting a quality bulb or fixture.



Lenses are typically made of acrylic or some other plastic.

The optical performance of any bulb or fixture is determined by the lens distributing the light. Most lenses are made of acrylic or some other industrial plastic. Lenses affect light diffusion, angle, and glare. The intended application will determine what kind of lens is needed. In some cases, such as in high bay applications, a lens may not even be necessary except to reduce glare.


led chip

LED chips come in all shapes and sizes. The chip pictured above measures approximately 0.25 inches in diameter.

LED chips are solid-state semiconducting electrical devices that convert electrical energy directly into light. LED chips come in all shapes and sizes and are welded to a silicon wafer; they are positioned for consistent light output and optimal heat management. The color temperature of the light emitted is also determined by the LED chip.



The most common heat sink design is a series of aluminum fins.

Heat management in LED bulbs or fixtures is absolutely critical. The heat generated by LED chips must be effectively dissipated from the circuit board in order to minimize the risk of overheating. The most common heat sink design is an aluminum base with a series of fins radiating from the center. Fixtures that produce more heat will require more advanced heat management technology. One such example is our HiOptix LED High Bay fixture designed to replace 1000 watt Metal Halide fixtures.


The HiOptix 1000 watt Metal Halide replacement fixture makes use of one of the most advanced LED heat sink technologies.

Advanced Heat Sink Technology

One of the most advanced LED heat sink technologies on the market is the one utilized by the HiOptix LED fixture. This fixture uses a coolant which absorbs the heat and disperses it through a series of radiators.

Making Your Selection

LED bulbs and fixtures are highly advanced items. It is very important to consider the quality of the materials and technologies being used especially if you are planning to retrofit your entire home or warehouse. Be sure to consult the lighting experts at the Electrical Marketplace before you purchase your next LED fixture.